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Moving Mouth puppets
1001 Bible People
1001 People puppet
1002 Cow Puppet
1003 Reindeer puppet
1004 Donkey puppet
1005 Camel puppet
1006 Lion puppet
1007 Dog puppet
1008 Sheep puppet
1010 Duck puppet
1011 Raven puppet
Large Hand Puppets
2001 People Puppet
2002 Cat puppets
2003 mice puppets
2004 bunny puppets
2005 Pig puppets
2006 Cow puppets
Small Hand Puppets
3001 People puppet
3002 Elephant puppet
3003 Horse puppet
 Finger Puppets
4001 people
4002 moose
4003 fox
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Make your own full size Puppets .......  You can make an affordable variety of puppets in many sizes with these easy to follow full size puppet patterns. There are 22 people and animal puppet patterns to choose from to fit your project.

All patterns are available for instant printing when you order the special puppet pattern offer that has 22  full size patterns to choose from ...


Full size ready to print patterns
print on 8 1/2" x 11" paper


step by step illustrated instructions


complete fabric & notions list


detailed cutting layouts


Print only the pattern you need
and come back anytime to print more


FULL color photo

This special Offer
Includes All 22 patterns:

10 Large Moving Mouth puppet patterns
6 Large Hand puppet patterns
3 Easy Hand puppet patterns
3 Finger puppet patterns

All 22 patterns for just $15.00

Full Size and ready to Print
All patterns are full size and are carefully designed to be printed on your regular 8 1/2" x 11" paper. NO enlarging anything.
Just print ,cut and get started today.
Complete Cutting Layouts
Detailed cutting layouts that show you how to lay out your patterns on the fabric for cutting.
Step by step illustrated instructions.
Each pattern comes complete with detailed step by step instructions to help you finish your puppet easily.
Complete List of everything you need
Get a quick start with a detailed fabric and notions list so you can get everything you need to make your puppet.

28" Moving mouth puppet made from Pattern 1001 Duck Puppet made
from Pattern 1010

Look at all the patterns you have to choose from....

1001 People
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1002 Cow
click to print
1003 Reindeer
click to print
1004 Donkey
click to print
1005 Camel
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1006 Lion  
click to print
1007 Dog 
click to print
1008 Sheep
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1010 Duck
click to print
1011 Raven
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Large Hand Puppets Easy Hand puppets
2001 People
click to print
2002 Cats
click to print
3001 People 
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3002 Elephant 
click to print
3003 Horse
click to print
2004 Bunnies
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2003 Mice
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Finger Puppets
2005 Pigs
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2006 Cows
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4001 People
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4002 Moose
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4003 Fox
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